Start from failure

April 29, 2022
2 min read

I started this new consulting project with a big group of companies.

After 20 years of working as a management consultant from being and intern to being a ceo coach, I look back at many of my failures in judgements and more important my ignorance. I was too confident I knew when I should have just admited my ignorance and quit.

In those days I did not study so much. I studied but not enough. I thus understand where all these strong headed bosses come from. I too was one of them.

But now I have changed. I become more fluid and in this way I can say I cannot fail because I imagine I will always fail and plan accordingly. That is the biggest shift in my style of consulting since the complaint from the bank training.

I guess it just takes time to be a master.

It is better to plan from failure than from success. As a new entrant or even a mid veteran, I planned from success. It was natural. Today I take nothing for granted. It takes great humility.

When you start driving you think you are the best driver. But over time you realize you can get into an accident anytime and drive accordingly. The same with you career.

This is a great learning and great finding and great shift.