Role of Faith in enterprise

May 10, 2014
2 min read

In my past lives I had no experience of enterprise I believe because I had no idea in that subject at the beginning of my life. I had such clear ideas about meditation and Karma but not of business.

So in this life I searched for my guru whom in the business world we call boss. I found him. I had to learn from his business space that is equivalent to monasteries of past.

so I learnt from him and that busisness. Later on In the process of serving various organizations I got to learn more about businesses from the people I met there: the employees and ceo’s.

After 15 years of investigation I developed learnings and skills that are nearly at par to my spiritual prowess I brought from my past lives.

It has been a long journey with lots of hardships: emotionally and financially. But that was the price of getting the secret knowledge. I found the knowledge needed to build huge business empires at par with the top 10 fortune holders of all times.

Will I achieve their height in this life? I dont know. I don’t know also if it is my purpose of this life. But it is a knowledge I had to gain. I gained it.

My conclusion is so simple I am startled.

The basis of material wealth is a faith on other human beings, on statistical probabilities and mainly on the super soul.

Enterprise is thus akin to sacrifice of yogis.

I am just shocked at this revelation.

The problem I realize is that no one yet saw the parallel between these two polar opposites.

I have seen it and felt it. To others it would mean litle but to me it is a big breakthrough.

For now I have only enough faith to be the second man of any enterprise.

But this deep knowledge on “faith” was the missing link to by taking the role of first man.

What does it mean?

Only time will tell.

Let us see if in this life time itself this spiritual giant can also become a material giant.