Sat, May 28, 2022

Thought of the day

I had a deep sleep last night. I have travelled a lot in upto now and after the corona lockdown I realized that there is no point of hyping this. Travel is just part of my job.

Travel offers me a different state of mind. It differs at different times of life.

  • sometimes i feel liberated
  • sometimes I feel I am a different person, still married but without the daily obligations
  • sometimes I enjoy the change in routine
  • sometimes stay out at night, where it is possible
  • all the time I explore the surrounding of my hotel
  • before I used to behave like a big shot when problems occur
  • now I stay quiet and in harmony when problems occur
  • everytime I take travel as a time to reflect of my past
  • mostly I recall the time when I had visited the place earlier and the people , their circumstances I had know them in
  • sometimes I am happy to be away from my family
  • sometimes I miss the daily obligations

At times I used to wish that I could travel internationally but then I realize there is no much difference internally. May be I could have a night life but besides that it is just a waste of time.

I realize I don’t like extended time outside like I had in kakani. That exhausts me and i always feel I am missing something.

So may be my life is really in Kathmandu afterall.

That life is really what I want.