Vision of a new world

September 9, 2017
2 min read

In Buddhism there is this culture of begging for the day’s survival need. I was always drawn to it. I always believed it was a great humbling experience. Eventhough I’m drawn to this practice i believe it is outdated. At that time Buddha came up with this idea there were other normal and real beggars too.

With my new companies I’ve decided to start a similar practice again but call it selling instead of begging. It will be of similar ideal.

I’ll create a great empire in the coming 40 years and the world will be transformed.

I see people young and old taking selfies as if their life depended on it. Before digital camera or without its invention what would they do in the free time ?

I see people watching stuff in their mobile whole waiting or even when bored anywhere. Before cheap 3g or free wiFi or without its invention what would they do in the free time ?

Similarly people over decades have developed such habits that are dubious in their effect.

All is fine with mobiles , TV but when will they start living ? What they fail to raise is they are part of am economic machine intended to make some entrepteneurs/investors rich.

If there are entrepreneurs/investors who can screw up the human race this bad , they’ll be others like me who’ll make things right as subtly and powerfully as they. At least when i die i won’t go to hell in the conscience level. I know the laws of mass psychology they used. I’m going to do the same but for a more beautiful world not one where everyone has his nose down.