To quit or stay

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

On Life/Success


One of the hardest decisions, someone working needs to make too often is, “To hang on or let go?” Let me put this problem in various contexts :
My boss is ignoring me. He’s not giving me any assignments. The whole day ,I basically have to put on a show and act busy. I know my colleagues love to live such a deception but I’m going to be unsaleable soon since my brain muscle will atrophy , or die from inaction ! He’ s not going to fire me. I could spend another ten years like this. When I graduated I always thought I’d be ‘really’ busy and calling shots , but now I’m faking it. How long can I keep lying to myself? Shall I stay or quit?

Next context: My business is not generating much sales. Few leads come and place enquiries but I’m unable to convert them. Even when closes occur , the net profit has become ridiculously negligible. The price to enter my industry is so low that any one can open shop. The manufacturers have a kind of monolopy since the cost of entry at that level of the value chain is too high. So they put us the distributors and retailers against one another like dogs fighting for a piece of meat. Yes my industry and brand hold prestige but how long can I allow myself to be fooled? Shall I stay open or shut down?

My BEL (Balanced Enlightened Liberated) Living view is to let go when this atrophy, decline stage has lasted for the last one year and there is no valid indication that either the boss or industry will change. This one year prepare for your new job or business. Do research, develop ideas, lay foundation, establish a network.

Once you let go, you’ll suffer humiliation, confusion and a sense of poverty, but it will save you from emotional & financial bankruptcy. Mostly in 90% cases the story of let go of a happy ending. Some fail due to half hearted commitment in their new ventures.