The game of life

Thu, Aug 10, 2017

On Life/Success

It has been a long I didnt update my blog which one day will serve as a museum of the evolution of my being from my inner unfiltered self. The world will need some more time to see another human being handling life the way I am doing. For now only those keen enough will deliberate to see and to get inspiration by reading this blogsite.

The last few weeks were busy and career wise scary as i could see the void approaching. By that i mean the state where you’ll have nothing to do and no one will need you but yet inside of you there is still the fire to do and to contribute. This void comes to all. Some have to love with it their whole lives and others are able to escape its clutch.

People are scared of this void. Easier than living it, is to die or be chronically ill or have perpetual problems. People react this differently to this void fear.

At the age 40 like I’m in , people do cthe craziest things like taking up huge loans to finance half cooked ideas that have little hope of succeeding. Others start affairs. Still others make more children. If all this fails they’ll get into the habit is drinking the void away. It’s better to be boozed than having another woman or incurring bog debts. Those in an organisation feel so insecure they secure their position by either working harder or preventing juniors from even thinking of taking their seat.

All these proposition for my 4 th decade were unacceptable to me.

This was going on since one year back bit last few weeks the eminence of the void loomed larger than ever. But i was prepared and almost had the almost perfect routine to win the void today itself but which is not the right time. This time it was a finale. Me vs the void. It was a grand war inside of me. Both sides were badly exhausted. The most dangerous weapons were used by the void as usual. But as the good story the good in me won.

So i resolved in doing the following as i stood with my feet in the head of the void more beaten to severe weakness for fire it never it and rise it will again.

I know that life is a game. I withheld from playing any game that came along. Once i commit to a game it is for life and the effort is the same: mobilise the resources , manage all the functions and lead towards victory. The most important thing was to choose the game.

Finally i found my game. I’m going to enter it. I’ll be in it for the next 40 years so I’m in no rush.