Pondering on life

Sun, Jan 12, 2020

On Life/Success

I am going to 46 in two months. My dreams are telling me amazing things are awaiting me in spiritual as well as material terms, my numerology year is 1, I have got many good leads, it has been lots of work I have put.

I wonder what direction my life will take. I am scared also.

I didn’t ask for my life to slow down, to hasten up and then to slow down again. Higher forces work. My wishing something or not doesn’t really matter it seems.

It is has if things happen and then I realize it is what i really wanted. it must be the same for all but most people do not or cannot surrender the way I do.

I don’t fear “what if something big doesn’t happen?”. I guess i am suffering from inertia. I have been used to this laid back life since 2 years. I don’t have to work hard. But if i have to i always do.

So I fear “what if something big happens?”

It could not be that the universe leaves someone of my talent and experience alone. i will be called.

But my new beginning will be one with great learning, infinite knowledge. I am in awe just thinking of what I have acquired in my life. I know so much.

so where will life take me?