Transit point

March 1, 2020
1 min read

I am at that transitionary phase of life where I don’t want to keep doing the same routine but also don’t want a new routine.

For all my life, such decisions were never mine to initiate, process & take. Although I was the driver, something else drove me.

If it was not so I could have been so many other things careerwise:

  1. engineer working in a factory or hydropower plant
  2. salesman for computers
  3. A singaporean management consultant
  4. A College CEO
  5. A professor
  6. A banker
  7. A travel agent
  8. A business partner of mohan Ojha
  9. A banquet owner
  10. A hardware owner
  11. A billionaire (bizlion)
  12. A writer

But none of these careers materialized as they all came to an abrupt end always in the same dramatique fashion: the other person became negative towards me & the relationship died one way or the other.

In the end I remained what I started with:

a management Consultant/Trainer

It has served me well-this identity. I got the life I ever wanted but could not really imagine or actively work to get: the perfect mix of leisure & work or time & money.

I could not have for more or better. What I got was the most & best.