Thu, Mar 1, 2018

On Life/Success

Last week was a good week in terms of work :
someone almost agreed to paying for my M& A service
someone agreed to pay for a report
some old dues were banked
in 3 days I conducted 7 trainings
yesterday I trained a big institution

I let go of old problematic clients who are confused about themselves not only me.

All through my 20 years , I lived with integrity with myself. May be I could have earned more but how would I have used such money that came killing my soul. Today I certainly wish I had lots of money. For what? Certainly not to show off or party; may be buy a more expensive car ; may be go on more holidays; may be ? I dont know. But even these I have enough money to accomplish now.

Going to Singapore next week is for my wife. I’m not excited in the way people would be. I want to travel but to me it is just to change the background of my life.

Like I’m running in my local park now , I’d like to run in many many cities of the world.

Like I walk in my town for time paSs, I’d like to walk hours in other cities observing people .

Like I conduct trainings and meetings I’d like to do so in other places learning about these people , helping them achieve their dreams.

like I sojourn in my luxurious home, I’d like to come home to various kinds of luxurious homes around the world.

But all those wishes are only half part of me : the nomad , the free spirit in me. The other half is of a self-sacrificing son , husband , father , friend.

The earlier half had it hay days in 2000 to 2004. I lived that life without bounds and got quenched ,I guess for life because no matter how trapped I am in this current reality , I don’t feel suffocated.

Yet the other side of me isn’t dead.

If I had billions, I’d take my family with me but they d not enjoy.

So I don’t need lots of money, what I have today is sufficient for the rest of my life.

May be I am being naive.

So if I became a billionaire as I intend to, what would I do with so much money ?

I will have to spend it on making the world a better place in which my spiritual sponsors guide me. Yet such activity shouldn’t take more time than I am prepared to sacrifice from my routine of peace.

I think this is similar to me asking myself what I’d do after attaining Samadhi. At 44 I attained it and I’m just enjoying this altered state. I guess it will be similar once I become a billionaire.

Reportedly there are 2000 billionaires but there must be only a few dozens who attained my Samadhi state.

But both my paths to Samadhi & Billionaireship are different than any else’s.

What I am happy about most is my decision to waste a full year to start my companies. I lost a lot of money but I bought my soul ‘ s happiness until I die!