Married life

Tue, Mar 12, 2019

On Life/Success

Yesterday was a fine day until my wife bursts into one of her fits. that is what being married is about: tolerating one another without parole. There is a good purpose of that arrangement I guess. however one needs to be able to think very positively. It is the same in any relationships.

In the ancient past, householders used to renounce their families, wife, children to go the jungle. I must have been one of them in my past lives. But what were they running away from? may be in the past family members did not have a career, did not have TV or the internet and thus would dump it all on the poor householder. Also may be in the past time, there was no way a householder could make a living by working so little using his unique talents of thinking, talking, writing and listening. that is may be why they had to run away.

In this life, i was set not to run away. Instead I was so determined to settle down that i proposed to so many girls and thank god they all refused except one.

Living in this century has made it possible for a yogi to marry and find samadhi at the same time. What’s more have a career and fun at the same time.

however as yesterday there are hiccups. and that is part of life.