Marriage in the post corona virus world

Thu, Sep 10, 2020

On Life/Success

Life is amazing. My wife comes back from work, as usual tired, drained, over stretched. Myself I am at home, not having had any work stress for 8 months. If I have any stress it is about not having any stress. If I push her to cool down, she will snap. I just have to be one step wiser.

Living in the post corona virus world is a new experience. I just wonder if others have figured out. Most likely not.

She has her own world and of course I wish she could communicate but even that is asking too much from a person who is over worked. It is difficult to be a husband today. Without being wise, people will wreck their marriage.

So I keep to myself, doing my own work, thinking she doesn’t exist.

Yes, my friend, this is true love.