Confused again but …

Fri, Mar 15, 2019

On Life/Success

So what do I want in life? Again at 45, i don’t know. I know what i don’t want though:

  • not to be too busy working
  • not to have nothing to do
  • not to have enough money
  • not to have so much money i can’t manage
  • not to be so famous I can’t walk in the streets without worrying
  • not to be such a nobody that no one cares about me

My life has always stricken a balance between all these polarities. But at every phase I had to change my strategy to get this balance. Such is a time now.

I was a student.

I was unemployed.

I was an employee.

then I became a freelancer.

then I became a full time consultant

Then I became a part time CEO

Then I became an entrepreneur

Now I am a freelancer again.

What will tomorrow bring? will I spend the next 40 years being a freelancer?

Since this is my second time I am a freelancer, after almost 9 years, I have got so much more experience, knowledge. Before I was like a fake but now i am the real stuff.

I think now i must turn myself into a brand. It is time. May be that is why I am taking everything so slowly.