The formula for Nepals’ success is in the Gita

Mon, Jun 15, 2009

Nation Building

Will Nepal ever be emancipated from the grip of bad leadership, inaction and great divide between communities?

Actually the root cause may be somewhere else.  How about ‘the corruption theory of Nepal’s doom’ ?

Let me give you some third person reports of corruption rampant in Nepal:

1.  A Chartered accountant hired a vehicle of one week to take a secretary of a ministy to his home in a village to mourne for his dead father

2.  Entrpreneurs get license to run a college from CTEVT by giving Rs.2 millions in bribe

3.  Some colleges pay bribe to examinors to pass all their students in first division.

4.  An expensive college administrator sent an unqualified examinor to test site and took half his pay

Of course there are many more evidences of corruption in the public system.  But these 4 are interesting in what they imply. 

The first one implies that corruption is like a tight bond between the one corrupting and the one being corrupted.  It is like a client/supplier relationship.  Multiply this into the number of ministries, the number of secretaries and the number of CA’s.  Corruption is badly spread.

The second example tells how nothing but money opens doors. Forget quality, forget honesty.  Do we think that the entrepreneur will take the 2 million as donation?  no he will cheat the students by providing less quality.

the third example tells, that those with bigger resources can get you good grades.  So of course i would pay more fees in a more expensive college if that one guarantees first division to a rich idiot. 

the fourth examples talks about commission system where it is so least expected.  It is like i take commission from my child’s school fees for sending him to a particular school.  It is a maddening implication. 

In this way the public system is totally corrupt. 

The King went down because his corruption reached the extreme limit.  NExt the turn of the public service will come. 

But because they are so many strings attached to this public system, no one is able to pinpoint it as the actual cause of Nepal’s demise. 

The maoists are just a medium.  In the Gita, this concept is brought into so much light, that for one who is used to read it, all this is obvious. 

The big tree of the king fell.  The medium were the maoists.  But they think stupidly that they were the cause. 

Even the current instablity that political parties have plunged the country into, is a stepping stone to more change. 

this change will be centered in the public system.  You keep watching. 

Once they will be fixed and they will live a life of honesty, this country will be free again. 

Instead of thinking how to get more corruption money, when they will start thinking how to solve the unemployment problem and lack of safety net problem along with finding a new national passtime other than politics, then this country will live again.

the public system must fall totally.  The agitations are just symptoms.  Everyone is barking at the wrong tree.  The real tree is the overhaul of public service consciousness. 

Of course the political leaders also must change.  But the change will happen together.  The public sector corrupted pure souls like the maoists who claimed they will fix everything and that they were not greedy.  What will old timer Madhav Nepal the new PM do? 

It will happen. 

I believe i am destined to orchestrate and maestro this actual and total revolution in consciousness of the public system, then the politicians and finally the people and then the neighbouring governments. 

Remember my name!! Smiles.

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