The spiritual internet

Wed, Jan 16, 2019

Spiritual Side

My world has changed once again but i was not aware of it until i was deep in meditation and it was revealed to me. Now I am making the necessary changes to survive in my new reality.

But i just wonder how are people living without such a close connection to this higher intelligence?

Frankly i don’t think there is a god or that higher intelligence is god. However i am sure that there is a field of energy that carries the knowledge and wisdom of enlightened beings. This field can then be accessed through meditation, an attuned way of life by the reincarnated soul. He’d have to believe in such a field but in many cases it would not be necessary as the message would be conveyed through life accidents.

Science will not be able to find this field through direct measurement. However certain predictions can be tested to prove of its existence. However such a field of science does’t even exist.

So people like me, who know about the existence of this field relish in it, use it, contribute to it.

It is not so amazing to imagine this field. It is the internet of souls. Ancient yogis who had the brains of scientists, used that intelligence to design a system in which knowledge could be passed on through time. It is also akin to the internet of things. This field can control events, by influencing living human beings who can do something it or by triggering a series of natural events that would lead that desired event. Not all events are masterminded from this field.