The last 2 floors of samadhi

Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Spiritual Side

In the last week I climbed the floor 7 and level 8 in continuation to my last blog:

6 floors of samadhi

7th floor is infinite vastness. It is the place where the 3 original forces start: brahma, vishnu and mahesh.

8th floor is the apex the the triangle, that scriptures refer to the “ONE”.

Beyond that there is nothing more but the same floors.

Having reached the 7th floor from the quantum floors of rays and particles, I am pure enough to withstand the grandiosity of those levels. Once I am there I am also the “ONE”. I call myself, “Chakravarti” or the “Universal Emperor”. I sit at floor 8 in lotus position and just see below and around.

At level 7, it looks like String theory with infinite dimensions. the past, future, present, possibilities all meshing with one another into an impossible coherent story, mechanism that produce the physical world we know.

String theory

The description of the Bhagvad Gita become so obvious now.

The 3 forces at the 7th floor are I think what humanity and any living being experiences as “Free Will”. The laws of nature emerge from them.

So far I know “what” but not “how” and “why”. How will be quite easy to find out but “why” will take lots of time, i am afraid as it requires lots of preparedness.