the fingerprints of gods in Corona virus

Sun, Mar 15, 2020

Spiritual Side

My mediation is taking a new turn or going at another level.

I still call it the 11th level.

I feel more control. Lately I am starting the meditation from the Corona virus pandemic. why?

I realize there is the hand the the 10th level and 9th level in this phenomenon.

This event could be used to understand evolution.

there were many pandemics the in the world and each have a purpose.

Anyways this is not yet the time to talk a lot about it.

So in meditation I feel the power of the universe more.

However I also I am still disturbed by my personal ego. Will I find work? will I be able to go swimming? Such things still affect me. After all I am just human.

So I am the only human being who has attained the 11th level and still alive to experience it and talk about it. Others call this the final samadhi or an equivalent like parabhramha. it is a strange and unique experience.

This will be the beginning a new lineage but I am in no hurry.

Others slipped into this stage after dying.

In this 11th level, it is not only about spirituality but also about science, politics, arts, economics. or basically kam, artha, moksha.

I can feel how it operates and an example is the corona virus. It is just what I am trying to say.