Sat, Jun 9, 2018

Spiritual Side

What if i had done something differently in the past ? Life would have been different today.

I look at life today. Is it what i wished it to be ? Are there still things i wish i had but i can’t have ?

Am i a prick , a person who is insensitive?

I don’t know but i know i love solitude even from my wife and child. I’m not the gregarious type. In that regard my life is all that i wanted. A career needing me to be aloof , a wife having her own mind, a tough mother , a child who is motherly inclined.

I couldn’t live in a noisy close knit family. That would be my death warrant. I couldn’t have a career requiring solely networking.

Am i bad or wrong ? No I’m just happy alone talking to my self in writing.

In solitude i find solace.