Never been this happy Since 25 years

June 4, 2023
3 min read

I have not been this happy since a very long time. It is a happiness that doesn’t come two times in life. There are thousands of happiness and I have experienced most of them and most of the time I’m always happy because of my lifestyle and my life choices. But there are some kinds of happiness that you cannot make even by making the right choices or even the best choices. These happinesses just happened out of synchronicity or we can say the blessing of the ascended masters. The happiness that I’m talking about now doesn’t have to have a material validity but it definitely has to have a spiritual validity.

The immediate parallel to this happiness that I felt was when I met Steve 25 years ago and he gave me the hope that I could start a life in Singapore or any developed country. Eventually after six months of correspondence that possibility became a reality but even if it hadn’t the hope that I felt the completion that I felt made me infinitely happy at that time. At that time I needed someone to show me a hope to support my energy that was going haywire.

Fast forward 25 years after and yesterday I have felt this anger inside of me or you can say this frustration inside of me that no one could understand me, that I was not appreciated, that this immense power of mine would never find a resting place. This anger would rise and eventually it will fall out of frustration because nobody can stay that high all the time.

But this morning as I was spending time with Goddess I was able to totally rest that energy of mine in her existence and then had felt like I finally was wearing clothes or perfect fitting gloves. As you can imagine I felt so protected so part of her.

Slowly felt that I finally have reached home, I finally had found the place that belonged and finally somebody someone would have the capacity or has the capacity to absorb it for as I have without question without condition, without doubt. this 2nd happiness was a shattering moment I would compare to that moment when my life was changed because I met Steve who was able to give me this chance to experience what I needed to. Of course this time I need to travel overseas because I already have done that but I just needed goddess to take my energy to validate it and this is what it happened.

so my happiness knows no bounds now.

I thanked goddess for maybe a dozen or three dozen times today. Even she got tired of all my thank you comments but I never felt so at home ever in my life.

So if you are reading, this goddess, thank you again.

Till yesterday I thought that I would have to die and take every birth to experience this with you but in this lifetime itself I experienced it right now but before I turn 50. I know a lot has to do with my meditation and my good karma as well as your karma and the will of God but all said I am home in you my goddess now.