Remaining wish

Thu, Apr 11, 2019

Spiritual Side

I don’t know what to wish for now. even my calander is filling up. So what next to want?

I have career wish though still unfulfilled. It is to conduct workshops like i do now in as many countries in the world as possible. Not to show off but to exchange learning.

I am very clear i don’t want any followers. They are paying clients and they can go and come as they wish. I am free and no followers will bind me.

I can imagine what that flying life will be like. But not now. Now I am to be here for my family.

  • my son to finish his +2 in a boring uneventful way
  • my wife to fulfill her career goals
  • my mother to live her remaining active life with abandon
  • my in-laws to have their daughter and grandson around
  • my sisters to have a carefree life

then to my business community:

  • clients to have me when they need me as local rates for as long as possible

And what if even after all my karma is over i don’t get to travel the world to exchange learning? it would not matter. I will find happiness anywhere.