Power in samadhi

Fri, May 24, 2019

Spiritual Side

Every meditation session i seem to be going deeper into samadhi state. Yesterday my soul was emitting incessantly powerful rays of energy around. It was almost physically tiring even though i in an OBE.

So this universe in my palace.

I realize that if i had any other career that the one I had that was so full of breaks, i could not achieve this samadhi state. If in a normal or successful career, I would have either suffocated and let my soul die or I would have resigned creating havoc in my personal and financial life.

My body was in total peace.

And my mind too was totally silent. Not a single thought. The binaural beats were sounding. I believe my brain frequency is very low now in meditation.

I could see and feel the rift between the the hemispheres. I designed a seat or throne for my soul to stay on the top of the crown.