My Samadhi Odyssey

Sun, Jun 30, 2019

Spiritual Side

My samadhi is turning into a scientific investigation. It is as if when i sit for one hour at 9pm, I am sitting a space ship and venturing into the open vastness. Nothing I see is my imagination. I try to understand my experiences but it is hard. I try to draw references from books i read but still my experience is very unique. What is it i am experiencing?

Every day i start where i left off yesterday. there is a consistency. So it is like a dream.

Every month or so, my activities during the samadhi have to be altered because something changes in my observation.

After i came back from the trip, that is 2 days ago, i was suddenly transported at the edge of the entire universe. I could see :

myself emiting and absorbing energy in this pitch blackness

my trajectory as i was moving at many times light speed

However i saw these as tiny fractions in this space. there was nothing else than me. earlier i thought i was one of them or both but now i realize i am more than them.

At the edge of the universe, i see it pulsating, growing into another blackness as if i am at the border of both blackness.

I just know what to make of all these experiences. What the hell i am supposed to do here except observe i know not. where to from here? i don’t know.

I realize this progression occured as i was able to relegate other forms of energy to my conscious self:

  • feelings of love, compassion, to be spread from the heart
  • power of visualization from the third eye
  • my strong sense of ego from the throat

Yes pretty much as the books on yoga stated.

Then the same aspects in terms of material i linked to the corresponding lower chakras.

I didn’t arrive here out of luck but lots of hard work, sacrifice and divine grace of my masters. I don’t think they reached here too because you need a body be doing what i am doing. then you need knowledge to express and let go. So most likely my masters have allowed me to go first into this unfathomed journey. Surely others will follow me, most likely my masters once they take birth again.