Tue, May 10, 2022

Spiritual Side

I am back from the kakani trip that I had been dreading. It is now over with.

Something peculiar occured this time. I just left like I had died and my soul was flying away. I thought “this is how it must be after I die.” I recalled no one, nothing. But one thing came, one insight.

I got the answer to what I was to do after 60. and how to leave my legacy of Manoharism behind. It will be an institution like Scout, or rotary club.

with the next 10 years in my belt before I start the movement, I will have so much knowledge that I will be able to cross all the chasms needed to make Manoharism the universal idealogy, life choice for billions.

I say Manoharism because I don’t know a better word to sum up what I have to leave behind.

In this way, I am feeling very different, free, enlightened.