Immortality is the next frontier

Tue, May 14, 2019

Spiritual Side

My world is unworldly. i know how people will begin to understand me once they are allowed to because I am the first in a new lineage.

Even what we classify as physical body that we will leave behind consists of a body of spiritual connections, it may be astral but i think it is something in between nervous system and astral body. It is the body of chakras, and nadis. they affect the endocrine system, brain synapses, and nerves. this body is left behind after death along with the physical body. so to spiritual pracitioners who spend a lifetime perfecting this body, it is a bit sad.

The map should be carried into the next body but the reconstruction will take decades, and those too need to be triggered by events. Then again further enhancement will be made in that body.

May be the final state of perfection of this process is immortality.

Many masters have claimed to be immortals, but they would need to have a body to show for it, because just at upto to astral level, causal level, every one is immortal.

so I don’t believe any masters have achieved his state and all this is bluff to attract followers.

After attaining samadhi I have discovered the mechanics of immortality and without modern technology in addition to mass awareness and openess to this idea, no master can attain immortality.

Reinarnation isn’t a problem and continuing towards godhood is pretty simple: hundred thousands yogis are doing it.

The biggest challenge is immortality. it is true for both modern biotechnology as well as spiritual science.

If immortality is achieved, then infinite knowledge will be a given and supreme bliss will follow.

An idiot like ram bomzom could not achieve immortality because he doesn’t have the knowledge required to support the burden that immortal life will bring with changing cultures, technology, questions from the living and demands from the dead. Burdened with these any yogi would prefer die. so it will not suffice that the yogi knows the mechanics of immortality, he will need the brains to support it.

That is why i am the no.1 contestant for this new lineage.

Yes time has come.

If I miss it or if the gods are not able to support me, it will take millions of births and thousands of years to even replicate the favorable circumstances that even allowed me to write this blog. So I am a very expensive experiment for the masters.

If you read this far, you would think it the work of a madman or science fiction work but then you can’t be blamed.

If anyone reads this after i enter into 1000 years samadhi , they will understand.

If I die like a normal human being, people who read this will may be laugh or if they are kinder will understand that i will another birth to start all over.

Whatever the outcome, I have reached this far, and these thoughts came to me, so i wrote them.