First time a group member

Sun, Apr 14, 2019

Spiritual Side

In samadhi yesterday I joined hands with my circle of friends. I took us to the sun and the beginning of the big bang and to the depth of oceans, and into the future in a time worm.

Whereas in meditation i always felt alone, since yesterday I feel I am part of a group. It is a new thing for me. I never trusted anyone in real life except my wife and mother. In spiritual life I trusted no one at all, not even spiritual entities, not even Tara anymore. I had risen above them in my early youth at 28. They are well meaning but they are not the final authorities and in this life i was not going to settle for less.

So finally I attained samadhi and joined the circle of ascended masters. I think that there is one main one and several others. I can’t see them all although I can feel them. All will become clearer over time.

It is a new feeling for me that is to be part of a group of souls. What this implies in the real world i don’t know yet.