Advancing in samadhi

Tue, Nov 5, 2019

Spiritual Side

It has been a 3 weeks since I last recorded my meditation progress. It has been a tough time.

My mother nearly died but all went well with a major operation.

I could read the finger-prints of god in those events of my mother’s sudden illness:

  • the timing
  • the circumstances

it just seems like a great orchestra. All events are, good or bad. But in our case it was good.

On the samadhi side now

It has become so natural. Now even in the normal walking state I experience the 8 stages:

  • when I row, cycle, run, box i feel drawn to level 1 of out of body experience. I can go anywhere. It is like i am immersed in a different world.
  • when i run, I take it problems of the world and give out solutions
  • of the 3rd floor, I just see everything as the material nature playing even with consciousness as stated in the Gita
  • the 4th floor where the baba’s live, i access upon thinking
  • then there the light floor of 5th
  • followed by the particle floor of the 6th, both of which i don’t know much about
  • at the 7th floor, the 3 brahma, vishnu and siva and their symbolism help me focus into a the final stage of samadhi
  • at the 8th floor, i reach the rainbow body, where i lose the “I”ness

The framework of the 8 is transcending my daily life in every way.

I feel much more relaxed, almost all the time.

During samadhi yesterday I made a breakthrough using the siva at the 7th floor. I used the trishul to manage my consciousness.

i realized that at the 8th floor I was not at all perplexed. I just didn’t exist. but then I used to be pulled up by:

  • desire: to nullify that i used the pot of brahma meaning that all one can have is limited, and his scroll meaning all is debit/credit
  • curiosity: I use the sudharshan chakra of vishnu symbolizing that all knowledge is an eternal spiral
  • anxiety: I use the damaru of siva meaning the eternity

However i had been struggling for 2 weeks about what do with the slips of consciousness at the 8th floor. Finally yesterday I had the breakthrough that I should use the trishul of siva.

at first i thought i was used to symbolize past , present future and that the scriptures got it wrong by saying it represented types of consciousness. however I realized that it was about consciounsess.

At the 8th floor first I am conscious of being empty, zero. then I drift into a kind of dream state or one where memories seem to be sorting out. then at times i also become unconscious like in a sleep. This is when I think time slips away.

So I found out that i could control my consciousness by pulling it towards the shaft that must the the 4th state of superconsciousness, although I don’t know exactly still what it is.

Upon reaching this state I should be able to move beyond the 8th floor and find out who or what is there. I had tried many times before, but i think i failed mainly because i did not use the trishul.

lets’ see where it takes me.