Time of a chief consultant

Thu, Feb 20, 2014

Management Tips

As I sit in a seat at my company I am beginning to understand that the meaning of physical time becomes much more complex and subtle as one rises up the management ladder or as your company grows in size and scope.

How to make sense of time? where to allocate time?

It is so difficult.

My mental time is 24hrs in my project but ever challenging task is the allocation of physical time.

A state when comes when it doesnt matter if you are spending physical time in the company or not. The investor compensates his time with the risk. The ceo compensates his time with the decisions.

Myself as the chief consultant the answer is new to Management. He compensates his time with designing and implementing systems, structures, cultures, behavioral standards and  mindsets.

Its an emerging profession few know. Its akin to a chief engineer in a construction site.

His tools are:




It is amazing at how much can be done just using these 3 fundamental tools.