Why can’t we do it in Nepal

January 27, 2017
2 min read

The more i learn about venture capital and the digital revolution ,the more i realise that even if bill gates or Steve Jobs would have been born in Nepal they’d never be what they are now. They’d have migrated to the USA but still it would have been too late because they’d have missed such exposure require for them to do what they did.

Even Warren Buffet said that he would not have succeeded if he wasn’t born as a white man in the USA.

In Nepal it is not intellectual people who get to the billionaire club. Binod Chaudhary made his wealth very differently than those in the USA. His was a mess compared to the wealth of say Bill Gates.

So is there no hope for intellectual guys like me to become billionaires in Nepal? Is trade the only thing to do here?

I believe my destiny is to create the ecosystem for all to be able to attain wealth. the outdated model of the marwadi community that has become our nepali standard must be bypassed. The marwadi’s style of well knitted business in sectors of basic needs from food to banking, from trading to manufacturing, was far much better than those of other communities who were not able to stay within the family, thus failed.

I want to create new possibilities, new types of wealthy.