Just another Morning

January 30, 2018
1 min read

I woke up a bit late today at 5:30 although as of late I get enough sleep by 3am. This has been occurring after reaching delta state for l hr without fluctuation to theta state during meditation.

But as usual I completed my morning ritual except my favorite coffee and biscuits since today is my father s death anniversary . He died when I was 12 , so it is now 31 years ago! Wow that is long time back . He would have been in his 70’s now.

I just recall all the unglamorous phases of life I went through before reaching this stage where I write in retrospect, now in a luxurious lifestyle : centrally located hidden paradise for a urban yogi who is kinesthetic , driving a car to go anywhere, enough money for any eventualities or whims of life , recognition in society enough to have a decent obituary. But more than the material trappings , I see myself so advanced compared to others because I have conquered even the materialistic mind. Today desires don’t disturb me , truly I am an ocean undisturbed by any rivers of desire falling on me. without this single quality, even billions of dollars and the greatest achievements won’t suffice.