A new myth, a correct myth

September 6, 2013
1 min read

Taking my spiritual life together with my material life, I realize how fortunate I am compared to people who are illusioned into thinking wearing attire of mythical yogis and speaking vocabulary of scriptures, will propel them to mass following in the 21st century.

Today the world is divided like never before in thought and belief. On one hand we have mass followers of Steve Jobs who created a myth about innovation. On the other hand we have equally big mass following men in robes like Ramdev who created a myth about alternative lifestyle.

People are confused like never before. Values, meaning of life and aspirations have never been in such conflict.

In this mayhem, I feel fortunate to be clear about my direction. It is an internal guidance. My life is a new style.

I dont need wealth or sainthood to be the new Icon of the future generation.