diary: feeling daisy

August 1, 2020
1 min read

I am feeling a bit dazed. Still no paid work in sight. but I am happy that i solved the issues in my property and a fixed stream of rental income is coming, albeit by half.

I am still angered or disappointed by the tenant with whom i had a clash few days back. but it will pass, as these things always do.

My car had serious problems. Again my trusted mechanic fixed it. So it is good.

I am able to find purpose and meaning in my life because of my inner strength.

I have begun a new format for my videos. I scrapped my earlier plans of involving others. i realized it would look cheap and cause problems down the line.

if this new video format works, it should lead to some new work. but i not hopeful as it is useless in Nepal.

May be i have become neg