crisis without end

July 6, 2020
1 min read

2020 seemed a good year but at the 7th month, the economy has been destroyed. what seemed essential now seems unwanted. Anything else like luxury or even learning is like slime : no body wants them.

The impact of the generation Z is the worst I think. In the most formative years of the lives they are given a totally new concept of life. may be it was necessary. Education as such was corrupted. A new form had to come up. But this gen Z will have played a heavy price.

my son is also a product of his time & I tried best to guide him through these turbulent times. Still I doubt he & others in his generation will amount to anything having grown up in a world of cheap dopamine. Yet they will grow.

Even during wars the effect wasn’t that bad because it had a definite end but this crisis has no end.

We are forced to redesign everything starting with the economy.