Comfort of success

November 27, 2014
2 min read

Success mustn’t be overrated. But also it mustn’t be underrated. It is a comfortable place. It is a secured place. It is a much better place than failure.

I worked hard and strategically to succeed. I know I could have failed at so many occasions.

It was a long journey. Now as I sit on my warm bed, with my family knowing my income is secured anyhow and that my dreams to be a billionaire by 60 is underway, I recall my past.

I remember those days when I was all lost and in search of something. I travelled recklessly. I remember meeting strangers crazier than me. One of them telling me to read a book called “Think & grow rich. ” by Someone called Napoleon Hill. It was dark, cold and exciting. Then he also said there’s a website that tells us we’re drawn to certain places. Those days were so mysterious. I was hungry for answers.

Did I get them?

Walking aimlessly in the streets of singapore , failing at basic things.
I’d experience the lack of success in every angle.

As a backpacker I traveled as a failure.

0 those days.

That’s why today I appreciate my success and don’t take it for granted. Moreover for me it was most important that I could repeat & teach my path of success to others.

Yes success is comfortable.