Another soulful day

May 14, 2016
1 min read

I took my son on a bicycle trip this morning. I could have taken up a job and earn lots of money during the same time. But we need to ask ourselves :
what will be more valuable to him ? Lots of money in the bank when I die or learning the correct values and altitudes to earn lots of money himself when I die?

Today he fell badly on his bike 3 times but done i was there i was able to teach him to stand up every time. That all dads would do. But they’d had to be present at the time!

Besides that my years as a management consultant allowed me to add in a new skill : investigate why he fell and find out how not to fall for the same reason again. Another learning he got was to override the warnings if his mother not to take risk and drop an activity in case an accident occurs. So now he knows how to listen to his inner voice: what advice to heed and what advice to ignore .