Singapore trip

Thu, Mar 1, 2018

Thought of the day

The day after tomorrow this time I will be on the way to Singapore. One week later I’d have returned.

I came to Nepal 15 years ago. Since then I dreamt of being back in Singapore for over 100 times. Now I am going back for real.

I feel excited and at the same time banale / casual.

I remember all the time I spent there , the people I met.

I feel afraid that the trip will not bring any changes in me. I hope this trip will add something I can’t say because I don’t know , is missing in my life .

I wish I could meet someone who’ d help me in my business by investing and giving me consulting work around the world.

Singapore is the place my spirit was born even though my body was born here. Through the energy I got there I navigated through the meanders of my career.

Now I am going there again. Of course I’d be serious. Who’d understand me?