Sick of being sick

Fri, Sep 4, 2020

On Life/Success

I even got bored of being bored. I got angry at being angry. I became sad for being sad. I became tired of being tired. I missed not having to miss my life. I felt sorry of being sorry. This corona virus has done what no renunciation could even give. It was a perfect storm.

So now I laugh at the predicament that the world and myself found myself.

It is like a loop that won’t end. What the world will not know that the actual was before and that now they are really living, seeing what life is: an emptiness. But will they realize this? I doubt it.

What will happen in a few months? Next year? Some people might get back to normal with masks but this is not feasible for the economy to be as before.

As I look outside the window I see stillness, that it total. The air is filled with fear of uncertainty. Stretched for long enough time, the mass of people will succumb to this new reality. People are not able to look inside, so in the absence of external races, what will they do? It is scary. Not for me, for them. These people don’t even know how to manage their weight, forget their lives.

How will people get back their jobs? Billions of them.

The people in power must be having the worst time of their lives. From presidents, prime ministers, ministers, government officers, ceo’s, owners. My god the stress that these people must be facing is gigantic. Nothing that worked in the past will work.

I am just happy I am not one of them.