Laid back and happy

Fri, Jul 12, 2019

On Life/Success

It has been a quiet week. I was almost super busy but programs got cancelled.

At times I just wonder what this is all about. I had dreams of being frozen, unable to move forward and i knew it was about my career. it has stalled.

The life i am living is just great. But if you are not able to see, it will look painful.

As i look outside the window from of office in the loft, listening to soothing music, in a reclined position, contemplating about my life, i know very few if no one has lived a life even close to mine.

if the program was not cancelled today I would be giving training. It would have been an earning day.

but not having to answer to anyone is a pleasure of its own. I am free. the whole day is a meditation session. I am happy.