Importance of Vision

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

On Life/Success

Living aimlessly can be detrimental to all dimensions of one’s life: career , soul , mind , health. A career without a vision will take form of a never ending rat race. A soul without vision will live someone else’s life. A mind without vision will be afflicted by senseless tension. Health without vision will reduce the quality of life to dust.

We need to have a vision at any point of life , even if it needs to be changed frequently. It’s like a boat on the sea. It must be heading a definitive direction like north , south-west.

Having a vision helps us in the following ways:
If someone has at least the common vision to become the top manager , he will work more seriously , learn more aggressively , cultivate a strong network. In the end , even if his vision shifts to quit his job and start or his own , the effort borne of his vision , will have paid off.
If someone has a vision to say “find god”, he will explore himself , read , meet relevant people and heal his emotional wounds. He might not find god , but find his raison d’etre , he will.
If someone has a vision to win his mind, he will challenge himself in various fields and create wonderful things.
If someone has a vision for a healthy life till old age, he will eat & exercise right. If death comes earlier at least he’d have lived in a light, energetic body always filled with happy hormones.

So by all means have a vision !