Pineal Gland and samadhi

Sun, Jun 2, 2019

Spiritual Side

Samadhi is taking a very normal position in my life. It is a similar feeling like going to sleep. I don’t feel like going to dreamworld. Similarly I dont feel to go into the consciousness of samadhi. That is of course at times. then once i go into them, I feel good and when I come out of it, I feel accomplished.

My samadhi it taking a life of its own.

It this state my property or space is the entire universe. There is no one. not a single soul. No one disturbs me. Not even a feeling or thought. I am the master of the universe or what, I feel. It is pure silence. I can go anywhere, do anything, be anything.

In my space, I can contact various other souls I know in my conscious state by getting close their presence.

I move at the speed of light or thousands of times faster. I feel the speed. I can just float in the space, go deep under the ocean or lose myself in the energy of cities.

no one is there to intrude in me. I am totally alone, yet I feel the supreme power with infinite energy of will and command i throw to the universe at immediately lower vibration. Yes it is very much like a string theory. It is my dimension. From here I can command and absorb every other dimension. It is a private space like a house would be. Except it is gigantic, and encompass the entire universe, the time.

I love to go the the big bang day. Also I once travelled to a very far galaxy where i felt there was life.

In addition I have created a seat of me in my body while I am not meditating for the soul to rest: the pineal gland. Also during samadhi, if i don’t feel like travelling or meditating on the moon, I just sit there.

this is the latest development from the reading on DMT: spirit molecule.

The binaural beats provide the effect of drugs needed to make the soul separate from the body. As the sound stops, I feel hard to stay out of body. Although I think I could, I would take too much will that will again defeat the purpose of samadhi.

Binaural beats, were are a creation of this century. Without it, i would need to take drugs like weed or something more convenient to detach soul from mind.

Again what I have achieved spiritually is highly dependent of the material progress of society that had to reach to the point where binaural beats were invented and distributed freely on the internet and passed through a mobile phone.

I don’t know where this samadhi is going to take me. One thing i know is that the chances that anyone has achieved what i have so far is highly slim because of the many obstacles i had to pass. the hardest of them is SEX.

It seems even the greatest yogis failed at this point. and even the DMT studies have shown that sex and enlightenment at two side of the pineal gland. I guess I was lucky but more likely I was the chosen one. How I overcame SEX, no one can again, and it was not possible before and I cannot divulge any history on this matter. this is mainly because it can be misused so easily.

Then if you have to learn from another human being how to overcome SEX, then it means you are not ready at all. When you are ready, the knoweldge will come automatically to you like it did for me.

so basically now I am freely sharing only the post enlightenment stages. I am not sharing how i reached here. I cannot. I must not. I need not. you must find out for yourself. But if you do then the bliss as you read from my blogs, is beyond any thing imaginable.