4 Levels of Existence

June 6, 2017
2 min read

Come what may, I chose not to be disturbed by the little things in life : irritable behaviors of others, new desires to aquire.

In the end what is life? We take birth, can’t stay a moment without doing something causing us either happiness or regret and then die. Upon death no one can do anything.

In the time frame of eternity, our life is valueless. In the magnitude of recorded history , our life may have meaning like the great men of past & now. In the scale of community , we are all valued to some extent. In the level of family, we are all vvips.

We have to choose on which scale one is destined to operate
– Living within family : like our father , mother who provided for us and their parents whose name we don’t know even
– Living within a community: like the prime minister, the chairman , the ceo , the tireless social worker
– Living in the archives of history: like Einstein , Napoleon , Donald Trump , Obama , Newton
– Living on the plane of eternity: like Buddha , Jesus, and thousands of unknown yogis

Each choice requires different kinds of lifestyles and sacrifices of other levels. For example, Buddha needed to give up family and Napoleon to give up eternal life, our parents to give up even community (to provide time to us).