Thinking too much and surviving it

Tue, Sep 19, 2017

Spiritual Side

If anyone tried to think deeply and widely and highly as i do , he’d go either crazy or die. It is possible in my case because I’m a celebral muscular type who’s developed a routine of physical exercise, meditation and positive thinking.

I’ve increased still in my thinking upon the start up of my 2 companies. Before i thought for others , now i think for my own companies. I’m on my way to find the secret business model that will make me a billionaire much faster than i thought. It is tough mental work. Good luck to anyone who will try to compete with me once the figure out my game.

Like the hero siddartha in a great book i realise that there are 3 things i can do very well :
1. Think
2. Counsel
3. Wait actively

Every thing i earned so far was from an application of these capacities of mine. My next 2 ventures will be the next application of these 3 in a grand way. The world will be dazzled at how a no body can become the richest man on earth without capital or a proper legislation from a state.

To think we need frameworks. To mane framework we need to both read and get actual experience. To get experience we need to get a job. I had this vision to be the richest man on earth at 17 but i was born in a country where it was not possible in anyways to go on that direction. So it took me 25 years of jobs, experience and books to see that vision again.

I wonder at times will i fulfill this vision in this lifetime being born in Nepal with my kind of personality? If not I’ll have to take re birth again. But i guess i can do the job in this life as there are still 60 years left.