Book idea: closer to reality

September 24, 2022
1 min read

The idea of writing a book is growing stronger and the direction seems so much clearer. I finally found a book from a literary agent. I realize it is like all my presumptions are shattered. Reading this book is for me as good as being coached. It was what i needed.

I realize I have so many problems in even getting to a proposal to myself.

I don’t blame myself because so far I was too busy getting the knowledge, the experience and skills. Upto last year i was confused. It seemed to me that I had it all figured out and that the world was against me. But as I read this book I realize that I am just not ready to face the world. My underlying hypothesis that I was a very big idea forming, is true.

But now my ideas have reached a certain level of crystalization. So I must take my skills to sell my books along.