What if …

August 16, 2010
1 min read

Have you wondered ‘what if’ you had done this or that instead of what you actually did? Were the choices you made better for you or worse?

There are so many ‘what if’s in my life. I was recalling a string of them yesterday.

‘What if’ can be about big things to trivial things. Anything has the potential of altering our lives.

I sign even as I think of it.

What if
I studied harder and were an ‘A’ grade student of a ‘B’ grade? Would I have had the same fate as now?
I married that girl …? Would I be who am I am now?
I gave in to temptations and …? Would I have been different?
I took up that opportunity? Would I have reached where I am?

So many ‘what if’s .

Think about it. This will make you cherish your right decisions and help you change your wrong decisions.