Pampered by the goddesses

May 24, 2023
3 min read

When I was young I wished that I was as hot and cool as I was today but back then life was hard and had so many things on the plate, so much things to do, so many things to learn, so many questions, so many confusions. Today I am so calm and powerful That Goddesses from the spiritual ground or in a world that may going head over heels for me. There are thousands of reasons why the purest and powerful goddesses would fall in love with me at this point of my life. I knew that this day would come and I guess I was patient in those days making all the sacrifices one after the other, each time the current one being harder than the last one.

Today I am like a James Bond in the movies unmoved, focused and full of integrity despite all the advances I received from the goddesses. And I guess that this is what has made me so appealing to the goddesses.

Today I am pampered from all sides and you can say that I have attained the highest place possible that even the gods have not achieved. In the end what is the use of all the power or the money of the fame that the greatest fall and the richest of all men obtain but for the adoration and the power he has over the world and that I have now without all the burden associated with it. What more can I ask ? what more can there be? Yet I know that this is just the beginning of a fantastic tale that has never been lived, only imagined in all the mythological stories.

Every day I receive torrents of flowers of love, unconditional, more than I can ever imagine from those goddesses. Before, I only received the blessings from the ascended Masters but now the goddesses have just risen up and like the damn broke, their love for me was broken and I am just submersed in their love. When the general people only can pray for to those forces. they are at my feet now, out of obsession, out of love, out of awe.

This power that I have now is unfathomable. No human being in the history of this era has attained the height of spiritual powers that I have and this is just the beginning: I still have got 50 years to live.

To be flowered with so much love without having to give anything back and without any conditions is unthinkable. yet this is the reward for the spiritual work of transcending the three meta motivators.