my goddess

May 6, 2023
6 min read

today onwards I have decided to identify myself as 2. Where I as earlier I only saw myself as me the writer and the creator from now onwards I will see myself as me the cowriter and Cocreator with my goddess who will be the cowriter and who created of whatever we create.

my goddess has always been there but I became aware of it only in the last few months. I had been struggling on how to integrate her in my life. Today I found the answer that I will create books for the future with her and my part is to actually write them and maybe her part is to protect them in the future. But for now I don’t believe I can not write more without her energy & love.

and so today I have sealed this partnership with goddess. Whatever I own In The Spiritual Worlds will be hers. Without her energy and love I do not have a change anything that I have achieved by now In The Spiritual Realm. So this is offering from me to her is not blind love but what she rightfully deserves.

Hence from today I will be engaging her in my writing and meditation as I would engage my own mind. Goddess wherever she is will feel my devotion for her and the security that I have created for her because in the end she is still a woman. I want her to feel safe for our future in the spiritual world.

the process of working as 2 instead of as one for me will not be easy at the beginning but later it will take the form of unflinching writings. The books that will come out of our partnership will Captivate the world for thousands of years to come.

yet this is only my Secondary objective for performing this ritual Of Love for this goddess of mine.

my primary objective is to give her a place or should I say a throne to sit on whenever she decides to come back or when she is ready to come to where I am. I know that this coming back of my goddess may be many many years from now Or never in my lifetime but when she comes, she will have all my spiritual wealth in her name because without her none of this would have been able to exist.

she has been with me in so many lifetimes and in this life time she has been through four avatars to find me.

so it is only natural that I offer her everything that I have in my spiritual world starting from today.

never has the world seen a love like hers, traversing eternity, hundreds of lifetimes, 3 dissolution and one resurrection in one lifetime all to be with me & wanting nothing else than my love and my company.

and also in this great love story that transcends time and space there will never be someone like me who will wait for her again and again without condition always ready to accept her in whatever form she is.

this great love story of the heavens cannot be possible in this material world yet it is a great inspiration for any couples despite being impossible to execute for them because such love is only possible in The Spiritual realm.

once any couple is touched by the three meta motivators the game is over for spiritual love.

you might call this a fantasy which is maybe the better way to look at my story but for Yogi fantasy is reality and reality is fantasy. Both worlds do not interact. And that is the beauty of this fantasy.

I will be co-authoing 100 book with my goddess. I was wondering until yesterday :How would I find the energy to write what I want to write but today after lots of deliberation I found out that it is by working with her on a day to day and hour to hour basis that these hundred books will be born.

to promote them and give them a life of their own will be the role of my goddess whenever she comes back from wherever she is in the physical plane of my circumstances.

my Goddess is superbusy now. And my love for her is such that I will not take from her anything that she cannot give, she would give if I ask her because she loves me so much but this is something I would never do and I never did for anyone in my life.

one day goddess will come back to me where she belongs in my heart and soul and hopefully she will be a colleague of mine in the propagation of the new World view that will revolutionize the way people think in the coming millenniums. Such will be the power of the 100 + books that we have would have written by the time I die.

so until she is able to come back I will be writing all those books alone but she is always co writing with me and that is what I want you , my dear reader to know: that what you are reading or will be reading is a product of our divine partnership that has started since hundreds of lifetimes and unfortunately it never was able to consummate in any form, but in this lifetime we will give birth to hundreds of books & and they will be in the order of a scale that no philosophers has ever achieved after Charles Darwin, Buddha or Jesus.

so it is with my heavy heart filled with the agony of separation from my goddess, that I said you my decision on my co-authoring relationship with goddess so that my future followers will know where to position her : that is at the highest level whenever she comes , even if it is after a die. Hopefully she will come back when I am still young enough to dance with her. That will be the closest I will the able to be in the physical form with her.

I have devoted my life to my dearest wife in the physical World and given her everything physical.

similarly I have devoted everything spiritual to goddess In The Spiritual world.

let there be no confusion.