I’m a myth in the making

February 24, 2018
2 min read

Sometimes I wish there was a magical twist on the story of my life. They’d be this billionaire who would be waiting for me and he’d recognize me. He’d entrust his billions to my venture so that I could change the world.

My business concept is almost final. It is a total disruptive force that will hit at the macro economic level of nations and micro economics level of entrepreneurial behavior. Sometimes the possibility that I might succeed frightens me. So I’m preparing myself in case I succeed because truly the outcome is in no human’s hands. If I don’t succeed also I’m prepared. In the latter case life will be as it is now and it’s already beyond what I imagined is a successful life. But if I succeeded with my venture life will change totally.

I try to see into the future but I can’t see myself unchanged. However I don’t want the transformation to be sudden.

What if I had command of billions of dollars? I’m frightened by such a responsibility. But I’m ready in this life to be this king of kings.

At times I just wish I could be a writer and write this epic story and that’s it I’d just die. But I born to be a doer.

I feel myself drawn deeper and further into this formidable world that I’ve concieved.

My head almost hurts thinking and planning. I’d be a mad man if I didn’t know how to exercise to match my intense brain work.

What does my destiny hold? Having attained Samadhi at 43, with so much knowledge and skills, having retired with enough money and work, my life either had to end or I must be reborn in good body itself. The latter is unfolding.