Bermuda triangle of success

May 20, 2009
2 min read

Success is the main aim whenever we are begining.  We think success will bring us happiness.  So we strive for success. 

Upto then there is no problem.  However life is different once you reach success. 

Truly life is not based on Newtonian physics.  It is truly based on Einstein relativity theory. 

The laws of life and of success change before and after success.  if we use the same principles at every circumstances, we will fail miserably. 

However the difficulty is to when is right time to change.  Truly knowing this requires the power to be connected to god. 

Also when you follow this inner gyroscope, life takes turns that are so difficult and so frightening.  You think that if had not taken these roads life would have been very different, probably easier. 

I know i am talking vaguely but we all know what i am trying to say means. 

This morning during my exercise , i experienced a column of electricity peirce from the crown to the lower area.  After this i was able to experience all the problems resultant of my success outside of me. 

Detachment was never more important.  You have to see yourself apart of all the things you have acquired in order to be happy after you are successful.  it is so contradictory.  but it is the truth.

Another balance that must be striked is between tolerating and confronting people who you think are exploiting you or being wrong to you. 

It is just a powerful skill to discern this point.