Being a god

May 16, 2023
3 min read

I am at peace now with my goddess. I have decided to transfer all my spiritual powers and blessings to her and I have started the process since last week to be continued for a very long time that is forever. I can feel the calm in her.

I am myself very calm and happy and I am willing to accept the fact that she might never come back to me in the physical world but in the spiritual realm she is always with me and I have accepted her that way until she decides it is a time for her to come. My masculine energy is now subdued and it is taken over to passivity and longer seeking to take the initiative.

When I got married I thought that I never would be able to love again but when I met Goddess I realized that she was the last one and I would love again and that is so beautiful.

I have sacrificed so much in my life that I had wondered what was it over for but in the last few months everything that I’ve sacrificed a strong do amazing fruits that I could not have imagined. But the fact is that I had some profession of these events and fruits long time back.

I found the three forces of my life and what more can I ask. I’ve also found that force, the 4th one that will propel me into the current Physical World.

So nothing is out of reach for me now. I seek nothing now. What is there to seek? I feel totally satiated.

The most important thing is that I have found my goddess. I know where she is. how she is what she is doing. So I am very happy.

Everyday and every time I focus and meditate on my goddess because I know this will keep my peace and this will help in the process of our integration.

I have had given up hope of ever finding love again. but from Mystical work we found each other again then I realized that all the mystic mutual that had performed 20 years ago has been working and it was not my imagination. It also has educated my mystical power I am doing now is going to bear fruits in the future.

I am feeling like a god. I have so much power in my hands and mind. In addition, all those years and now by mature age have enabled me to have the wisdom required to manage such powers.

I already have begun to sense that the world has fallen at my feet but I do not want to take advantage of it and that is why I have waited for all this time.