How to fix a rowdy group of people?

June 29, 2009
2 min read

I had a tough time with students in this workshop because they did not cooperate: they did not listen, they kept talking, they kept ignoring me, they kept laughing.  After my speech and activity they became very attentive.  This is how i did it:

1.  I allowed their lack of cooperation reach a level of no return

2.  I confronted them

3.  I moved the students around thus changing the sitting plan

4.  then i gave the following speech:

“One day you people will be in my position.  Think of me not only as a trainer. I am your manager or CEO responsible to get your group to learn and transform and enjoy.  The law of payback is true.  When you too will be managers your staff will also not cooperate. 

That time if you have yourself been on the hitting end, then you will not find the ‘right’ to ask them to cooperate.  You will try to get them to cooperate but you won’t get it.  It is already too bad that most people are ignorant of the techniques to getting willful cooperation from others, add to it the lack of ‘inner right’ to ask for it, you have a recipe for suffering of the management kind.

don’t waste your life doing actions that will make you lose power. 

Spend time doing actions that will increase your power. 

You can feel this power by placing your hand at the solar plexus area, but not touching it with a the space of a 3 inches. 

Feel the power you have. 

Remind yourself of the story of Mahatma Gandhi who did not tell a boy not to have chocolates upon the request of his mother on the ground that he was still having sugar then.  He only told the boy so, after one week of not having any sugar. 

This is power. 

In student life you must increase power. 

By not cooperating with your teacher, you lose power. 

Do you want to be powerless?  No so cooperate and learn by participating.”

After this speech they were perfect students.