25% Clarity

February 10, 2018
2 min read

More clarity emerges with every day into my venture.

Currently it is a time like promiscuity: making out with every willing one and moving on. Every new concept goes through such a process. At first there are confusions with the product itself then on who customers are, how to sell them and how to get paid.

My concept is so new there is constant confusion at all these 4 levels.

Now I have reached to some level of clarity say 25% :
My product is :
For Billionaireship Partners ? A service whereby business owners get consulting to sell their companies at their desired high price within short time. In the process the management consultant will work on both internal and external aspects of the company along with the company selling process.
The customers are those who can claim they can sell their company at 1 crore and above.
They will be aware of this product through classified ads and my PR work in the process of company selling process .
I will do a few meetings & reconnaissance work pro bono . Then I will ask for advance on a monthly basis to cover my travel expense & time. When the money or stock is received I will be paid my commission on slab system agreed upon.

For MMS Consulting & Training : The product is a service of a top quality CEO on a part-time basis who first will begin with MD coaching, staff trainings , system designs and strategy. He will assist the owners is decision making , negotiations , hiring , firing, performance reviews.
Customers are those with annual sales above 1 crore or staff salary cost of 1 lakh above.
Same as in BSP I will do a few meetings & decisions/training/systems work pro bono . Then I will ask for advance on a monthly basis to cover my travel expense & time. Then on a quarterly basis claim share on profits as agreed upon.

Finally I must be clear that I am developing only a prototype to later on get investment in the range of 1 billion dollars in , putting me in the top 10 richest people in Nepal.

75% still to be clear. But there is no rush & I’m having fun.