The impossible science

Fri, Jun 23, 2017

Thought of the day

A big question remains :Is there really a law of karma akin to laws of gravity , thermodynamics ?

To prove such a law of karma we would have to set up experiments like:
A test subject is made to do something bad like stealing from a shop. Survey him until a month. As per the law something bad like someone stealing from him if not caught by the police should happen.

A good test could have a test subject give x amount to a beggar or charity. Again survey him for a month. As per the law of gravity something good like him getting 2x needed money or an unexpected gift , should happen.

If much experiments could be conducted on a scale of 1000 as per standard of physical science, I am sure the law of karma could be proven and eventually a beautiful mathematical equation could be devised. That could be used for simulating actions at individual level and global level with the potential to alter history.

Repeat the same process for
Positive thinking

The results of such experiment would revolutionise human life